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February 3, 2017

I created my blog “paramitasproject” on blogger. Initially I tried wordpress, but the format seemed rather complicated for me. I am interested in exploring how I go with this blog and exactly where I go.
I chose a background today—not too ‘busy’, not too “Buddhist” in flavor, but with a specific idea of an audience in mind. The audience I am thinking of in designing this blog might be interested in Buddhist teachings, but also stressed professionals who want to relax. But how do I symbolically connect the meditative appreciation of picture with the more nuts and bolts teachings of Buddhism that I wish to impart? Here are some questions for the future.
Finally, what’s the difference between a “Post” and a “Page”?

February 4, 2017

I wasn’t satisfied with blogger’s format, and I decided I would go for WordPress after all. I am thinking that I would prefer something much more visual than what blogger seems to offer. In any case I am in a ‘discovery mode’ of trying to keep an open mind about wordpress and not favoring a particular format before I have learned enough about it.
I have already added 5 of the six paramitas as separate blog entries, as well as a photo I took and an accompanying poetic narrative. For some reason, as I was configuring the 5 entries, a narrative structure seemed to spontaneously emerge between them: something about the seasons in particular, and how one needs to travel the four seasons to see that they are really faces of the same world. I wonder: why would the mind naturally impose a kind of narrative onto these 6 concepts? Perhaps there is a comfort in fathoming that this is about a journey of discovery.
Something I am particularly interested in is the ‘gadgets’ pane on the right side of the blog home page. What kinds of gadgets (films, etc.) can I use for this blog? I will be excited to keep learning in the ensuing days.

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