The Long Pathway

12 Jan

All the beings who cultivated love I see before me

Spread out among the celestial realms, adoring

And when I stop to think the love poured through them

It fills my heart with the fruit of gladness

Even though I am not there, I should appreciate the long pathway

The journey to open up crack by crack

Even when I am burning with desires and pettiness

I will look up to you in my suffering and give you thanks

You come in different forms: some often so obscure

Helping people based on their conditions

And you don’t judge or discriminate or expect payments in return;

It seems that there is no limit to your compassion

Yet when I see the long journey I need to travel

I can only say, I hope you remain here to help everyone

And never give up or grow tired of my ignorance

Please help me along the path and I will try my best

To resolve the afflictions accumulated within me

I hope you will continue to keep coming back

Please don’t give up on all of us

Your glorious light will shine through the wisdom of all ages.




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