yesterday /today

12 Jan

Did yesterday happen

I’m not so clear?

The time when I spilled out my secrets

And repressed fears

Or did yesterday not happen yet?

That moment that was supposed to be?

When connections were made–

Contractual changes written–

With smoke of passionate pens spun of finest cloth

Why is it hard to know when the cup has drained?

And when it’s still residual scraps from solid deposits

Stuck in a glass that cannot even be cleaned or gleaned

The narratives are trapped in a never-ending, always receding pasts


The Long Pathway

12 Jan

All the beings who cultivated love I see before me

Spread out among the celestial realms, adoring

And when I stop to think the love poured through them

It fills my heart with the fruit of gladness

Even though I am not there, I should appreciate the long pathway

The journey to open up crack by crack

Even when I am burning with desires and pettiness

I will look up to you in my suffering and give you thanks

You come in different forms: some often so obscure

Helping people based on their conditions

And you don’t judge or discriminate or expect payments in return;

It seems that there is no limit to your compassion

Yet when I see the long journey I need to travel

I can only say, I hope you remain here to help everyone

And never give up or grow tired of my ignorance

Please help me along the path and I will try my best

To resolve the afflictions accumulated within me

I hope you will continue to keep coming back

Please don’t give up on all of us

Your glorious light will shine through the wisdom of all ages.